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Mongolian Names

Genuine Mongolian Names and Roots

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Mongolian names fall into several categories.

Names that commemorate a special event. Temujin "Of Iron" was named for a enemy cheiftan defeated by his father.
Animal names. Khasar "Terrible dog"; Khulan "wild horse"; It Kuujujuk "Little Dog";
Character traits. Batu "confident"; Bataar "hero"; Bilig "Intelligent";
Weapons, tools, or other objects. Jebe "arrowpoint"; Suke "ax"; Khada'an "Rock"
Color or beautiful objects Altan "gold"; Erdene "jewel" Oyunchecheg "turqoise flower"; Gho'a "beautiful lady"
Important numbers Yesuntai "9" also means "abundant" (a lucky number); Nayan "eighty"(the age of the father);Jirghadai "sixth" (sixth child)
Despised things to fool the evil spirits Bujir "filthy" ; Keuken "Girl" (if it was a boy)
Foreign names Includes Buddhist names such as Ayushi "God of Longeviety" Gorgis; Anton; Uzbek; Tangut "Tibetan"
All of these names could also have different suffixes to create different names. In the "Secret History of the Mongols", you see a lot of allerative names in relatives, for example Temujin's siblings were Qasar, Qaci'un, Temuge, and Temulun (the last one was a baby sister).

Most medieval Mongolians seem to have had only one name or a name. Considering the size of the population and their proximity, not to mention the huge variations available, it was unlikely that there would be any confusion. In modern Mongolia, they use two names, the first being their father's. For example, Sirichin Bataar. Sirichin is Bataar's father. It is sortened to S.Bataar.

Secret History of the Mongols is the best period source.

Travel journals and histories by these contemporaries.

Ibn Battuta
Rashid ad-Din
Friar William of Rubruck
Friar John of Pian de Carpini
Marco Polo
A note about titles in the SCA
According to the Yasa of Genghis Khan, no one except for the khans and the kha-khans were to use titles. Therefore there are not a lot of parallels to modern titles, such as sir or duke. The SCA has recognizes only one title, "Bataar" for knighthood. Unofficially, other titles such as "Khan" for king, "Khatun" for queen have also been used. According to a tranlation in the Secret history, there might be an arguement for "Ujin" for lady and "Ko'un" for prince, but this was not used by the person themselves, but by historians when refereing to them and their station.

- a -
Adangqan Uriangqai - Ancestress of Genghis Khan &

Al Altun - Genghis Khan's daughter &

Alan To-a - First woman named in the Secret History. Ancestress of Genghis Khan. &

Alay Yid - wife of Yeke Ceren&

Alima (apple) - a modern woman

Alqua Beki - A princess&

Altani - (golden) Wife of Boroyul&

Altansetseg - (gold flower) a modern woman

Any - a warrior queen

Arghun Aqa - Mongol Official @

Arlsag - (lion)%

Ariq-boke - brother and rival of Kublai @

- b -
Baiju - Mongol general @

Baljinnyam - a modern woman, ambassador #

Baryudai Mergen - Ancestress of Genghis Khan &

Bataciqan - The first name in the Secret history, son of the bluish wolf and the fallow dear.&

Batbayar (strong holiday) - a modern woman

Battsetseg (firm flower) - a modern woman

Baatar - (brave, courageous, or hero) - a modern man, modern woman#, and %

Batu - (confident or immoveable)%

Bayan - Yuan official @

Beker - half brother of Genghis @

Bolor (crystal) - a modern woman

Bortei - wife of Genghis @

Buri - Mongol prince

Buhbatar - (strong hero) modern boy^

- c -

Chabi - Kublai Khan's favorite wife (Her name is Sanskrit.)

Chaghatai - Second cousin of Genghis

Chimeg - modern woman

Choijelsurengiin Mendbayar - a modern champion archer (The first part of the name is his father's name, Choijelsuren.)

Choijelsuren - Modern chamption archer and bower (Mendbayar and Munkhtsetseg's father)

Cholmon - (twilight) modern girl ^

Cholontsetseg - modern woman

Chormaguhn - Mongol general

- d -

Doregene - (wife of Qudu, and then Ogodei) &

Dzulgetii - a 16 yr old archer in 1194. (Shot a target at 500 m)

- e -

Ebegei - Secondary wife of the father of Saca Beki of the Jurkin%

Eke - (mother)%

Eljigidei - (donkey) a chief % &

Erdene (jewel) - a young boy

Erdenechimig - a modern woman#

Esunge - son of Genghis Kahn

- g -

Ganhuik - a modern boy

Ghunan - (three-year old tiger or bull)

Guyuk - Third Great Khan

- h -

Hoelun - Genghis Khan's mother &

Hoelun Eke - (mother Hoelun)&

Holuiqan - (daughter of Joci)%

Huja'ur Ujin - (Ujin = lady) daughter of Ong Qan.%

- i -

Ibaqa - Eldest daughter of Jaqa Gambu &

Injinashi - Philosopher, historian and author of "Khokh Sudar" in 1194.

Inkhe - modern woman

Itugen - earth and fertility goddess

- j -

Jal-bukha - (crafty bull)%

Jama - modern woman foreign policy advisor

Jamuqua - enemy and anda of Genghis

Jebei Noyon - Mongol general

Jebtzun Damba - (lord of refuge) a traditional Khalkh title for the 8 living Buddha.

- k -

Khara-gulug - (black puppy) %

Khasar - (terrible dog)%

Khukhenkhu - modern wrestling champion

Khulan - (wild horse) %

Kokochu - Genghis Khan's shaman

Korguz - Uigher official

- m -

Manduhai - modern woman#

Mandakh - modern woman#

Manukhai Wise Queen (Tsetsen Khatan) - historial warrior queen

Manduhai - modern woman#

Mendbayar - a modern champion archer

Mongurr Aimag - another archer in "Khokh Sudar" (1194) that shot a target at 500 m

Mongke - (eternal) % &

Mongke Tenggeri - (eternal heaven) &

Munkhtsetseg (eternal flower)- modern six-time national archery woman's champion

Mukhbyar - modern woman

Myagmarsuren - modern woman#

- n -

Nachin - (falcon or eagle)%

Naran - (sun)&

Narenqique - (sunflower) modern girl^

Narangerel - a modern woman

Narangerel Orgil - a modern boy, son of Narangerel an usual example of a woman's name in the father's names place.

Narmanda - (sun rays) modern woman #

Nar Nuteng - (black eyes) modern woman #

Neguder - Mongol general

Nogai - Golden horde prince

Nomolun - Ancestress of Genghis Khan &

- o -

Ogedei - second son of Genghis

Oghul-Quimish - wife of Guyuk

Onan - woman in Secret History &

Oyuna - (turquoise) a modern woman#

Oyunchimeg (turquoise decoration) - modern woman

Oyungerel - modern girl#

Oyunsetseg - (Turquoise flower?) - modern woman#

Oyuntuya - modern girl#

Ozbeg - Khan of the Golden Horde

- p -

Puntsag Dulam - a modern woman#

Purevsuren - modern woman#

- q -

Qabul Khan - ancestor of Genghis Khan

Qasar - Genghis Khan's brother &

Qaci'un - Genghis Khan's brother &

Qo'aycin - Old maidservent of Hoelun&

Qojin Beki - a Mongolian Princess &

Qubilai - another spelling for Kublai

- s -

Saibatar - (good hero) - modern boy^

Sarantuya - modern woman

Sartaq, Khan of the Golden Horde

Selenge - a modern woman#

Serotan - mother of Mangu Khan 13th cent.

Shidebala - Yuan emperor

Shinebayar - modern woman

Shirchin - a modern man

Shiremun - grandson of Ogedei

Soqatai - wife of Ambayai Qahan&

Sorqaytani Beki - second daughter of Jaqa Gambu &


Subeedie Baatar - another archer in "Khokh Sudar" (1194) that shot a target at 500 m

Subodei - Mongol general

Sukhbaatar - national hero of modern Mongolia

Sukh - modern man

Sunjidmaa - modern woman#

- t -

Tamaca - son of Bataciaqan

Temujin - (of iron) Genghis Khan's childhood name &

Temujin Uje - a tribal cheif killed by Genghis Khan's father.

Temuge - Genghis Khan's brother &

Temulun - Genghis Khan's sister &

Tengri - Mongol supreme deity

Tode Mongke - Khan of the Golden Horde

Togtongo Baatar - another archer in "Khokh Sudar" (1194) that shot a target at 500 m

Tolui - fourth son of Genghis

Tsenden - modern woman

Tsedenbal - modern man

Tugei - wife of Qudu %

Tumen - a modern woman#

- x -

Sunjidmaa - a modern Xarchin woman

- y -

Yusugen - daughter of Yeke Ceren&

Yusui - daughter of Yeke Cerene&

# = Woman of Mongolia by Martha Avery, Asian Art & Archeology 937321-05-2

The Mongols by David Morgan, Butler & Taylor 0-631-13556-1

Children Just Like Me, Unicef 0-789-0201-7

& = Secret History of the Mongols, Vol I. tran. Francis Cleaves Harvard University Press, 0-674-79670-5

% = Mongolia's Culture and Society by Jachid

^ = Artist's web site

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