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Star Control: Sequel Wishlist
31 Replies
Star Control: Origins 1.40 Hotpatch
1 Replies
The Star Control FAQ
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Star Control Discord Server
8 Replies
Star Control on Social Media
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Stardock, Paul Reiche to team up on next Star Control game, beekeeping
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Any news?
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Game crashes when playing
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Game crashes
11 Replies
Place to talk for us all
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Star Control: Origins v1.4 Update Improves Visuals and Increases Performance
0 Replies
Star control
6 Replies
Star Control Origins v1.4 (Released 6/20)
5 Replies
Can you mod the files like you can with Gal Civ III?
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How to start new DLC
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SCO Director`s Cut
22 Replies
PREVIEW: Star Control: Origins - Return of the Lexites
9 Replies
So where is the DLC
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Question on differences vs gog vs steam
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Your favorite types of quests
18 Replies
No multiplayer???
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Won the game..... now what?
2 Replies
fed up with Phamysht
2 Replies
Star Control: Winter 2019 Update
10 Replies
Star Control: Origins - Earth Rising part 2 brings humanity face to face with the technological singularity
17 Replies
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