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Post Your Gal Civ III Ship Designs!
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Galactic Civilizations III v3.95 Change Log (Released 10/10/2019)
19 Replies
Galactic Civilizations III v3.9 (released 8/27)
108 Replies
Galactic Civilizations III -- v2.8 Legacy build
1 Replies
Galactic Civilizations Community Links
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GalCiv III: Helpful links. READ!
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Galactic Civilizations III Support FAQ
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Master Changelog List - GC3
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Psyched about the Galciv III announcement!
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Turn Based or Real Time or Both!?
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Any chance of a Linux version?
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How many times have ya'll watched the trailer?
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Good News!
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Please consider Windows Tablet (Surface) mode
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Steamworks again?
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Multiplayer, have things changed?
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Alpha and Beta Access
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Steam Workshop?
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Stardock Announces Galactic Civilizations III
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9 Replies
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