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GUIDE: Setting Up Discord
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I am so lucky
16 Replies
Modding is coming
10 Replies
The Economics of PC gaming
22 Replies
Launch Day Experiences
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So much dialog, so few spell checkers
12 Replies
How do you say that in Dutch?
18 Replies
Chat Log
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45 Replies
It is ever...really done?
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Quick Video Demo
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Is it done yet?
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We know you're a very mean man.
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Making a campaign mission
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Getting you more for your money
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Performance Optimization
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Making AI not scripts.
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The home stretch
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Galactic Civilizations II is consuming us..
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New Invasions
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The AI in GalCiv II Part 4
7 Replies
The AI in GalCiv II Part 5
20 Replies
The AI in GalCiv II Part 3
6 Replies
The AI in GalCiv II Part 2
12 Replies
The AI in GalCiv II Part 1
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1000 memory leaks bite the dust and GC2 now with spamblocker
10 Replies
Good, Evil, and Neutral
25 Replies
New Relations System
35 Replies
I. Hate. Micro. Management.
14 Replies
Rebalancing weapons
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Hot keys in GalCiv II
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Aliens & Turtles
8 Replies
Planetary Improvement understood
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Civilization Manager
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Unable to register my copy of Gal Civ
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Of aliens and bugs
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Everybody's coding for the weekend..
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Fleets of polish
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The road to beta 4..
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Fun with threads
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Not your normal dev journal
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Of polish and rallypoints and fleets
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Debugging vs. Robust coding techniques
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Human Ships!
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Cari Elf, Bug Hunter
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Weekly 07/15/05
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Friday the 13th Journal Entry!!!!!!!
9 Replies
Dev Journal 7/15/05
0 Replies
A tale of two technology screens
7 Replies
GC2 dev jouinal 7/9/05
2 Replies
Weekly 07/08/05
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