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GUIDE: Setting Up Discord
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Galactic Civilizations II v1.3 BETA 1 change log
91 Replies
Silly podcasting
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Epic Generator Journal
15 Replies
Best GalCiv2 Week...Ever?! (Mar 6 - Mar 11)
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Who to focus development on?
20 Replies
To all the features we lost before...
25 Replies
Why AI must evolve after release
25 Replies
What priority should multiplayer have?
56 Replies
Expansion Packs
54 Replies
The AI vs. Summer
92 Replies
Game Example: Cultural Domination
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GC2 AAR’s For All!
49 Replies
Gaming advertisement
45 Replies
Design your own enemies
28 Replies
Galactic Civilizations II: v1.2 BETA 2 change log
33 Replies
Sometimes evil wins..
98 Replies
Galactic Civilizations II v1.2 BETA 1 change log
97 Replies
The UI and You
106 Replies
We weren't kidding about the modding..
28 Replies
GalCiv II: v1.1 Full Change Log
88 Replies
Fairness in computer AI
72 Replies
Playing with numbers in GalCiv II in-depth
71 Replies
On the road again...
40 Replies
Mods and bug fixes
22 Replies
Gameplay Example: Drengin-Human Wars XXII
16 Replies
Faster isn't always faster
15 Replies
Back from vacation
13 Replies
Memory fragments
81 Replies
Gameplay Example: Epic
46 Replies
Filling in the gaps
2 Replies
Vacation bound
53 Replies
Preparing for release day
24 Replies
More AI fun on the weekend
20 Replies
GalCiv II: v1.1 BETA 4A Change Log
44 Replies
Features vs. AI
23 Replies
AI development: More focused, working with friends..
45 Replies
GalCiv II: v1.1 BETA 3A Change Log
28 Replies
GalCiv II: v1.1 BETA 4 Change Log
34 Replies
AI audit for 1.1
40 Replies
Research Path
19 Replies
GalCiv II: v1.1 BETA 2 Change Log
62 Replies
The new ship design / adaption algorithms
12 Replies
GalCiv II: v1.1 BETA 3 Change Log
53 Replies
GalCiv II: v1.1 BETA Change Log
148 Replies
At the mercy of reviewers
23 Replies
I hate when a bug is mine..
26 Replies
Galactic Civilizations I vs. Galactic Civilizations II
31 Replies
SD-Central not restoring correctly
0 Replies
Beta 1.1 Eve
28 Replies
GalCiv II: Size Matters
63 Replies
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