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New Sins Previews to Start 2008
27 Replies
WorthPlaying Publishes Sins Preview
5 Replies
IGN Multiplayer Preview
7 Replies
Developer Diary #2
7 Replies
Beta 4 Closes on Monday
22 Replies
ShackNews Picks Sins in 2008
9 Replies
Plain Games Publishes Sins Preview
9 Replies
1Up.com Posts Sins Mini-Preview
3 Replies
ComSat Reports Inbound Hostiles: The Arrival of the Vasari
29 Replies
Gamespot Posts New Sins Movie
25 Replies
Brad's Beta 4 Review
31 Replies
GameZone Gives Sins a Test Run
5 Replies
New Sins Shots and Wallpaper Posted
6 Replies
Sins Retail Box Preview
55 Replies
Gaming Nexus Sins Preview
9 Replies
New Sins Dev Diary Posted
0 Replies
GameSpy Gives First-Hand Account of Sins
20 Replies
Gameshark Publishes Sins Preview
25 Replies
Beta 3 Closes Friday
36 Replies
First Developer Journal Posted
0 Replies
First Beta 3 Update Now Available
5 Replies
Games Radar Posts First Sins Preview
4 Replies
Sins Beta 2 Now Available
23 Replies
Gamer 2.0 Posts Sins Preview
5 Replies
Multiplayer-Enabled Sins Beta 3 Blasts Off Thursday
84 Replies
Sins Beta 2 Open Until July 31
57 Replies
GameSpy Posts New Sins Preview
2 Replies
Gamespot Posts New Sins Preview
1 Replies
IGN Posts First Sins Preview
67 Replies
Sins Beta 2 Update Now Available
12 Replies
First Sins of a Solar Empire Ad Appears
35 Replies
New Sins Interview at IGN
5 Replies
Pre-Order Taking now available!
71 Replies
Sins of a Solar Empire Beta 2 Date Announced
93 Replies
Sins Previewed in Games for Windows Magazine
18 Replies
February Snapshots
62 Replies
1UP.com Posts Sins Preview & Interview
47 Replies
Preview at 1up.com
30 Replies
GalCiv2: Dark Avatar Dev Chat Tonight
5 Replies
January Snapshot
44 Replies
Sins Wallpaper #1
24 Replies
December Snapshot
32 Replies
Official Sins teaser trailer now up!
13 Replies
November Screenshots
24 Replies
72 Replies
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