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GUIDE: Setting Up Discord
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Twilight of the Arnor Beta 2a Change Log
23 Replies
GalCiv II: Twilight of the Arnor Beta 2
18 Replies
Twilight of the Arnor campaign
18 Replies
Quick update for Dark Avatar - 1.8d
11 Replies
Twilight of the Arnor Beta 2 Change Log
30 Replies
Partial Gameplay Example: Arceans
27 Replies
Twilight of the Arnor: Technology Tree Concepts
83 Replies
Twilight of the Arnor Beta 1a Change Log
13 Replies
Game Play Example: Epic War!
36 Replies
One Beta Down...
9 Replies
Twilight of the Arnor Beta 1
62 Replies
From the Desk of CariElf
12 Replies
Sunday Night Debugging!
21 Replies
Epic Generator -- a feature too far?
125 Replies
More Twilight Improvements
74 Replies
Because we love the game too (1.80B)
71 Replies
Technologies of Twilight of the Arnor
69 Replies
Alternative suggestion to Right of Passage Treaty
178 Replies
I'm Improving the Improvements...
19 Replies
1.7 Beta 3 Change log
35 Replies
Dark Avatar 1.7 Beta 4 Change log
36 Replies
1.7 Beta 2 Change Log
44 Replies
GalCiv II v1.7 Beta 1 Changelog
71 Replies
The memory limits are starting to bite
47 Replies
The secret to Twilight of the Arnor
76 Replies
Today's work on GalCiv II v1.7
16 Replies
Why doesn't GalCiv display planets to accurate scale?
40 Replies
Vacation bound 2007
14 Replies
Sunny days and game development
37 Replies
Games I want to make!
40 Replies
REALLY nasty AI!
68 Replies
The Galactic Civilizations Universe
103 Replies
Gameplay Example: The Dread Lords arrive
34 Replies
Does high performance count as a feature?
25 Replies
GalCiv 1.6 Betas about to begin...
22 Replies
(Gasp!) Carielf wrote a dev journal!
27 Replies
AI: Decision trees
21 Replies
Manual update: Super Abilties
85 Replies
AI vs. AI War
18 Replies
A more diplomatic AI
37 Replies
Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar 1.6 BETA 1
20 Replies
Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar 1.5X notes
47 Replies
A Walkthru of Dark Avatar
57 Replies
Korath Human Wars: I
20 Replies
AI coding can be frustrating
18 Replies
GalCiv II: Dark Avatar - Beta 2A change log
4 Replies
Total Sales a factor of distribution more than anything
42 Replies
Final AI tuning
12 Replies
Gameplay Example (DA): Rise of the Galactic Republic
17 Replies
Kings of the Dark Age
1 Replies
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