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GUIDE: Setting Up Discord
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Doing a demo
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GalCiv II v1.1 Dev log
84 Replies
Implementing player suggestions
130 Replies
Gameplay Example: Computer AI in transition
55 Replies
Loving my job lately
27 Replies
Weekend AI work..
21 Replies
It's for laptop users
88 Replies
Playing with numbers
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Fuzzy math and game development
120 Replies
Rotating your pieces any way you want
45 Replies
Terran vs. Drengin Wars
40 Replies
AI vs. AI
19 Replies
Realism in space-strategy games
36 Replies
Modding Preview
6 Replies
1.0X change log
57 Replies
AI: I'm so excited!
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Plastic units
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QA Post Mortem
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How many updates are too many?
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Developers Developers Developers
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GalCiv unit technobabble
19 Replies
45 Replies
Economics in gaming II
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Balancing Defenses
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User Interface tweaks & Civilization 4
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Boxes, boxes everywhere . . .
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The first release update!
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I am so lucky
16 Replies
Modding is coming
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The Economics of PC gaming
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Launch Day Experiences
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So much dialog, so few spell checkers
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How do you say that in Dutch?
18 Replies
Chat Log
10 Replies
45 Replies
It is ever...really done?
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Quick Video Demo
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Is it done yet?
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We know you're a very mean man.
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Making a campaign mission
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Getting you more for your money
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Performance Optimization
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Making AI not scripts.
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The home stretch
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Galactic Civilizations II is consuming us..
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New Invasions
26 Replies
The AI in GalCiv II Part 4
7 Replies
The AI in GalCiv II Part 5
20 Replies
The AI in GalCiv II Part 3
6 Replies
The AI in GalCiv II Part 2
12 Replies
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