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Clans - A List of all current clans & websites
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Clans of Sin Competitive Chronicles
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Clans hmm?
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New Clan looking for members of any skill type
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New Planet Types
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Order of Modding Gentlemen!
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Aura of Honor - Looking for Mature Players
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Friendly fun community
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US/CAN Players
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Your Favorite Starship
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Group Sins of a Solar Empire Vkontakte
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Any RP guilds?
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a way to communicate
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Looking for German SoasE Player
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need ppl to play with
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Brothers In Arms - It's time to restructure
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SGC Roleplay Clan
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Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Pre-Orders Begin Kaufen nur Kredit karte ???
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Anshar Empire - My little story
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Must make Total conversion
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how do i get entrenchment / diplomicy packs?
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