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Galaxy Forge - Beginners Guide
1,189 Replies
[Tutorials] Modding, Reference Files, Modeling, Texturing & Converting
120 Replies
[reference files] sins 1.193 , entrenchment 1.053 & diplomacy 1.34 rebellion 1.8 now( with the stop game 1.37 trinity refs now
204 Replies
Annotated Guide to the Developer.exe
60 Replies
[Mod Utility] Entity Editor and Validation Tool (Fan made, Supports Rebellion)
278 Replies
Zombie's List of Mods good enough to EAT!!!
84 Replies
ImperatorPavel's Definitive List of Sins Mods
49 Replies
[Mod Utility] Buff Builder Version 1.0 for Rebellion 1.82
23 Replies
The Official Particle Forge Help Thread
134 Replies
62 Replies
A comprehensive guide to the Sins Map Designer
32 Replies
Forge Tools 3 Released
179 Replies
Modifier List - Add constraint, AI define,Trigger Type
74 Replies
Particle Forge Guru Wanted!
13 Replies
Silent Shade's Mod Introduction and Gameplay Mod
50 Replies
The library and you--Read before uploading!
9 Replies
Galaxy Creation – Reference Guide
64 Replies
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Speed Up Mod
13 Replies
Custom Faction Icons
29 Replies
Ship Prices / Build Time
7 Replies
The Farthest Dawn
5 Replies
Hi Ironclad, any recent news on this?
1 Replies
SoSE Now on ModDB
5 Replies
AI needs to make more Capital ships! Solution please.
10 Replies
34 Replies
Modding the Tech Question.
9 Replies
Savegame formats?
9 Replies
17 Replies
Modding Ship Debris
4 Replies
A Question
4 Replies
Only 2 last modding questions unanswered
15 Replies
5 Replies
Game Info
1 Replies
Deathmatch Mod
0 Replies
Pirate Kamikazi rush.
16 Replies
Various questions
3 Replies
Changing Starting Planet
14 Replies
Request for a comment function in the GameInfo folder
3 Replies
Custom Made Solor Systems?
4 Replies
Souped up Capital-ships-Request
26 Replies
21 Replies
Gauss Cannon Mod... Beta 2 Update!
35 Replies
AFF mod?
3 Replies
Modded Skybox
44 Replies
Shield mitigation
8 Replies
50+ ship pirate fleet after modding
5 Replies
Share your modding knowledge.
2 Replies
is it possible (now) to modify the flagship?
18 Replies
Some texture discoverys
14 Replies
The A.I.
6 Replies
Questions about textures
0 Replies
Modding SoSE
16 Replies
File Formats
4 Replies
Mod Projects Forums
0 Replies
altering the roids.entry
2 Replies
Just some mod feedback
9 Replies
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