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Sins of a Solar Empire - Trinity/Diplomacy - v1.2 BETA Changelog
716 Replies
Late-Game Pirates - Game Breakers
21 Replies
Foreign languages
1 Replies
i have stated this before but will again
3 Replies
[BUG?]Timed Explosive works
2 Replies
Multiplayer mesh issues
3 Replies
Planet Upgrade Bug
4 Replies
Adding maps to Sins Trinity
3 Replies
How to add ships to existing fleets?
5 Replies
1.2 Feedback
3 Replies
Knowledge Aggregation
5 Replies
Diplomacy Registration?
4 Replies
Beta 1.2 vs The Sins Optimization Project: Results?
81 Replies
Bug List for 1.19e
18 Replies
Hotfix not available for download (for some people) [FIXED]
13 Replies
Missing sound entry ?
1 Replies
Diplomacy Expansion - Do you like it?
23 Replies
AI tweaks for Rebellion
32 Replies
Another Beta Bug: Fleet Inaccurate Info
7 Replies
Beta Bug
4 Replies
Awkward ship turning "fix" in patch
10 Replies
15 Replies
The new AI cheats...
57 Replies
Beta Bug? - Ships not joining fleet but they follow it
6 Replies
Proposed engine change to ApplyTargettedBuffToSelf
11 Replies
No Beta Update This Week
14 Replies
Diplomacy 1.2 Beta General Fixes
1 Replies
7 Replies
Military victory conditions
9 Replies
Diplomacy micro-expansion = a big mess?
29 Replies
Pact uniqueness and Victory Conditions
7 Replies
Beta version indicator? Pirates don't seem fixed
16 Replies
Am I missing something?
8 Replies
Does the Repair Drones ability of the Hoshiko Robotics Cruiser even stack?
6 Replies
New beta...jarasul still bugged
2 Replies
Strongest Capital ship is........
27 Replies
Sins: Diplomacy Beta 2 Notes
85 Replies
Destras currently use 12 ship slots in beta 1
3 Replies
Diplomatic Victory
3 Replies
GRG Idea
14 Replies
News on Beta Stability
9 Replies
PIRATE NOTES Beta feedback
9 Replies
Beta Patch Makes AI Relations Worse
26 Replies
Im tired of the Artificial-(non)Intelligence cheating.
34 Replies
RA Doesn't cost antimatter?
2 Replies
Diplomacy v1.2 Preview
188 Replies
1.2 patch beta crash
4 Replies
Beta Bug 3
0 Replies
Beta Bug
0 Replies
List of Bugs
17 Replies
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