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*****Update*****Infinty:Battlescape Sucessfully Funded!!!!*****
10 Replies
Universe Rush - space-themed MMO-strategy
0 Replies
New MMORTS: Novus Aeterno - Releasing after Kickstarter
0 Replies
Sword Of The Stars: Ground Pounders
9 Replies
3 Replies
Eternal Darkness successor: Shadow of The Eternals, for PC & Wii U (kickstarter runs to Aug 23rd)
1 Replies
Dungeonmans: The Heroic Adventure Roguelike
0 Replies
*****Update,Succesfully Funded, $35,606****Void Destroyer: New Space RTS And Space Combat Sim
11 Replies
Sword Of The Stars: The Pit
10 Replies
Massive Chalice by Double Fine
3 Replies
Heavy Gear Assault by Stompy Bot Productions
0 Replies
Spintires - The Ultimate Off-Road Challenge
3 Replies
Stardrive - Sci-Fi 4X - For Those of You Waiting for Gal Civ 3!
65 Replies
Death Inc. RTS / Biz Sim Video /Demo inside & Molyneux support
18 Replies
Torment: Tides of Numenera
15 Replies
Kickstarter Forum started
6 Replies
Zombicide: Season 2
4 Replies
6 Replies
Kickstarter: Project Awakening
2 Replies
4 Replies
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