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Discussions on political issues prohibited in this sub-forum.
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I need a joke today
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A "mysterious hut" has been spotted on the far side of the Moon
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Wholesome: Starlink's self-heating satellite dishes are attracting cats
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Sadly, Betty White has Passed Away
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1st Photo from the James Webb Telescope
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This joy from our childhood may have a better return on investment than gold
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What's in a Name
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Bio Evil - Resident Evil 1 'demake' for SEGA Genesis/Megadrive
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Archaeologists discover rare Roman statues beneath medieval church in England
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Epic is allegedly in talks for a Fortnite movie
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Kisses on the neck
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Master of Magic license - Round 2
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Sadly, Another WC Member has Passed
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Wallpaper stuck in the system
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Amazon looking to purchase mall real estate from Simon Property Group
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Feeling like a failure
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NASA's Mars Rover "Perseverance" Has Landed
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Hello World!
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An Asteroid Impact Simulation has Ended in Disaster
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Post your favorite Meme template
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