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Galaxy Forge - Beginners Guide
1,189 Replies
[Tutorials] Modding, Reference Files, Modeling, Texturing & Converting
120 Replies
[reference files] sins 1.193 , entrenchment 1.053 & diplomacy 1.34 rebellion 1.8 now( with the stop game 1.37 trinity refs now
204 Replies
Annotated Guide to the Developer.exe
60 Replies
[Mod Utility] Entity Editor and Validation Tool (Fan made, Supports Rebellion)
278 Replies
Zombie's List of Mods good enough to EAT!!!
84 Replies
ImperatorPavel's Definitive List of Sins Mods
49 Replies
[Mod Utility] Buff Builder Version 1.0 for Rebellion 1.82
23 Replies
The Official Particle Forge Help Thread
134 Replies
62 Replies
A comprehensive guide to the Sins Map Designer
32 Replies
Forge Tools 3 Released
179 Replies
Modifier List - Add constraint, AI define,Trigger Type
74 Replies
Particle Forge Guru Wanted!
13 Replies
Silent Shade's Mod Introduction and Gameplay Mod
50 Replies
The library and you--Read before uploading!
9 Replies
Galaxy Creation – Reference Guide
64 Replies
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86 Replies
Mod Request (help with model conversion)
9 Replies
Reference files for DLC
4 Replies
Advent Redux
4 Replies
Starbase Refinery
4 Replies
Making LuxRender Versions of Base Game Ships
7 Replies
Changing a ships model
3 Replies
Can ships from GC3 be modded into Sins?
3 Replies
Star Trek Armada 3 (mod)
107 Replies
Black Sun: Retribution
114 Replies
[MOD] Alliance, hidden agenda's. (For "Diplomacy" 1.011)
183 Replies
Maelstrom Mod Dead ? Abandoned ?
9 Replies
How to convert an entire mod into the newest version?
6 Replies
[MOD] Stars
263 Replies
What are the best UI mods available currently?
1 Replies
40 000 Sins
24 Replies
Galaxy-Spanning Passive Ability
0 Replies
[Tutorial] How to add a new race [Complete with Starter Race Mod for E and D]
78 Replies
Having trouble with Sins of a Galactic Empire Mod
2 Replies
[Tutorial] Placing Mods
10 Replies
Is there any mods that improve gameplay by reducing lag?
11 Replies
[Help ] Importing .mesh files into 3DS max with multiple materials
5 Replies
Modeling : Shaping, UV mapping, tangent, gimp and null points questions.
25 Replies
[Help]Is there someone could help me about modeling in 3dmax?
12 Replies
Minor Rebellion Mod questions
20 Replies
ConvertXSI.exe download link
11 Replies
Adding Ships
2 Replies
Capital Ship Skills and Forge Issue
4 Replies
[MOD-UAW] Universe At War Mod For Sins Of A Solar Empire Rebellion
5 Replies
[MOD] Distant Stars - Rebellion Alpha 0.13 Released! [17/06/13]
8,423 Replies
tried all the method, still can not import model into game, "dump" happened every time.
24 Replies
Battlestar Galactica - Sins of the 13th Tribe v0.96 Released 2/13/10
1,489 Replies
Creating Extractors without Galaxy Forge (Notepad++)
3 Replies
[Tutorial] Skybox - Environment Cube
14 Replies
What causes this type of error?
1 Replies
[Question] Graphic Glitch?
3 Replies
Mesh Resizing Tool Help
6 Replies
Map Editting w/ Mods Enabled
2 Replies
[WIP MOD]Firestorm Armada mod for Rebellion
21 Replies
[Question] could someone tell me about the function of "onReapplyDuplicateType" and so on
10 Replies
Creating a Portrait Mod
29 Replies
Looking for modders for my space RTS game
9 Replies
New Player Colors
1 Replies
2 Replies
Some help with XSI mod tool?
3 Replies
[MOD] DisableTitans for SOASE Rebellion
15 Replies
Maelstrom Mod problem
2 Replies
Hi i need help
3 Replies
Importing .mesh into 3ds max 2012 problems
4 Replies
[Rebellion Mod] Star Wars: Ascendancy
38 Replies
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