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So I have an updated refrence chart...
69 Replies
Beginner's Guide To Sins Of A Solar Empire
70 Replies
1.2 Cap Ship Ability Guide
100 Replies
Unit Guide: FAQ [complete]
86 Replies
Combat Mechanics
47 Replies
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How to counter lrm/heavy cruiser + flak fleets
0 Replies
How do I win in a large galaxy?
6 Replies
0 Replies
Strategy to get Outstanding Resume Achievement?
1 Replies
AI Starbases in Solar Gravity Wells
0 Replies
Did anyone knew?
2 Replies
TEC Fleet Composition for vs AI?
22 Replies
Advent mid/late game fleet
5 Replies
Fighter bomber Ratio?
1 Replies
Beating Titans and Starbases
4 Replies
Some broad research questions(a lot of em, actually).
1 Replies
When is the right time to upgrade tech?
1 Replies
I admit I was wrong about colony pods
9 Replies
How fast do you play the game
5 Replies
FFA strategy against AIs with Enhanced 4X mod
4 Replies
Best Starting Capital ship?
41 Replies
Capital ship survivability guide
7 Replies
I have heard that Flak frigates are the strongest
48 Replies
Double Kol Rushes are ruining the game
17 Replies
Part II: Advent doctrine
11 Replies
Part I: TEC doctrine
16 Replies
Advent Repulsion - For Oli
8 Replies
Tec Loyalist OP
12 Replies
Why does the Marza suck so much?
24 Replies
Anyone think hard/unfair AI is too hard?
7 Replies
Heavy cruisers not worth the money? Do they need a buff?
88 Replies
Early game strategies for each race
2 Replies
Cobalts vs. Gardas
28 Replies
The Absolute Best (and Worst) Corvettes?
8 Replies
Starting strategy?
9 Replies
Did killing a planet give experience at one time?
8 Replies
How do I counter advent mines?
4 Replies
Crazy, self-important dude plays vs. himself
4 Replies
Scouting as early warning (not just for exploration)
23 Replies
Rankulas- What's The Point?
12 Replies
How stop vasary loyalist titan/starbase combo ?
5 Replies
The Power of Flak
52 Replies
180 Replies
Is flak the only option now?
5 Replies
flak frigs arent useless
12 Replies
Flak is overpovered
145 Replies
Questions about playing as theTEC (vs AI)
15 Replies
How to counter mines?
4 Replies
Titan Upgrades Table
21 Replies
Fleet management, defense vs offense, and overall TEC strategies
19 Replies
How do I counter the scary multiplayer rush?
9 Replies
Effective Fleet Compositions in multiplayer
7 Replies
Something important about vasari
3 Replies
Which is The Best race?
304 Replies
Beautiful Capital Ship Synergy
22 Replies
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