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Quick guide on beta testing Sins
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Mobile starbases for all factions
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Mines are overpowered
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Suggestions for Making Mine Removal Easier
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[suggestion] artifacts
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Rebellion is causing ingame lore annoying
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The 4 titan techs to unlock build percentages seem pointless
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Runtime Error
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maximum cap ship level
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Kostura Cannon not affecting ships
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[Bug] Key bindings are reset every time the game starts
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Rebellion beta will not download
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Huge Multiplayer problem.
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Addressing the Advent Loyalists
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[Bug] Multiple, vasari rebel + map preview
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Beta Suggestions
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New Battleships ability questions
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Reccomended Settings For Multiplayer
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Map Selection Screen
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[Bug]Autosave crash
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My take on the online play and what is needed for this game to be succesfull
5 Replies
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