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I've made a Sins Rebellion multiplayer guide, check it out!
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SINS MP - Societal Standards
43 Replies
ICO Account Management Page
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Let the "noobs" learn
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To smurf, or not to smurf...
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Are Minbari and Pandabear = JohnJames? (Another Edition of Smurfs Unmasked)
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Calling All Smurfs - Its Time For A Smurf rebellion
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Combat "smurfs" for a better community
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Direct Connect IP connect?
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Is ICO servers down?
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Instantaneous desync
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A couple of questions about multiplayer
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Map Balance/Custom Maps
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Challanging the Devs.
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Diplomatic Victory in Online Multiplayer
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Won't connect
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'Sugar Bush' Tournament
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Star Player's 1v1 Invitational! (You're Invited too!)
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Star player's replays
10 Replies
Multiplayer replays
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Game Speeds
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Gameplay lag - Minidumping - ICO Disconnects - Game Dysyncs? anyone else annoyed?
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New to online > ? process to select a game ?
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