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Rebellion Titan Ability Guide
32 Replies
v1.80 Option Available for Mod Play
6 Replies
HttpSendRequest activation errors
0 Replies
Activating Sins: Rebellion (or any Stardock game / software on Steam) Through Steam
95 Replies
The New Sins: Rebellion CE Bundles
19 Replies
Quick Fixes to Common Rebellion Ailments
0 Replies
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Superweapon disable?
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Strongest Titan
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Superweapon limit reached with zero superweapons constructed
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Heavy Cruiser Comparsion
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Ion Cannon Mod v1.1 updated
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New guy in the neighbourhood
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Which version do I buy please
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Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion v1.04 Change Log
175 Replies
3-16-2015 Steam Update
3 Replies
Occupation Victory
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How do I beat mass strikecraft?
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Need Stronger Pirates
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Conditions for a military defeat?
2 Replies
Can't stop Enemy culture even with full culture upgrades!
2 Replies
How to purchase more capital ship upgrades
1 Replies
Accelerated capital ship upgrade after joining group
2 Replies
AI stop working
2 Replies
Where will this game be in 6 months?
77 Replies
Have there been any patches or mods to reduce lag caused by lots of units?
3 Replies
[Bug]AI is difinately cheating, AI Titans are beening rebuilt at the ship level that died at
36 Replies
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