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Rebellion Titan Ability Guide
32 Replies
v1.80 Option Available for Mod Play
6 Replies
HttpSendRequest activation errors
0 Replies
Activating Sins: Rebellion (or any Stardock game / software on Steam) Through Steam
95 Replies
The New Sins: Rebellion CE Bundles
19 Replies
Quick Fixes to Common Rebellion Ailments
0 Replies
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Is this forum a TV drama?
124 Replies
[Rebellion] Balance Suggestions
44 Replies
Dear Devs, illuminators should not be so awesome against Corvettes
114 Replies
Hilarious troll thread by Seleuceia on Steam forums
15 Replies
Should Sins 2 incorporate a morale system?
9 Replies
Unbeatable TEC Loyalist strategy
36 Replies
Bait-and-switch: A guide to deceiving your opponent
7 Replies
Sins of a Dark age
8 Replies
Reseting In-game, not Steam, Achievements
0 Replies
Sins is NOT a 4x game
16 Replies
Dear Devs...Please Add a "Beating a Dead Horse" and "Broken Record" Digicon...Thank You
17 Replies
VL and Strip to the Core still ridiculous...
95 Replies
Was Strip to the Core nerfed too heavily?
8 Replies
Limit number of frigates per type.
89 Replies
Pirates need to be nerfed immediately
16 Replies
Do the devs even play multiplayer?
3 Replies
FIX Cobalt attack behavior (screenshots)
59 Replies
Terrifying new advent strategy
8 Replies
Make Vasari/Advent trade ports tier 2
11 Replies
Suggestions for SOASE 2
203 Replies
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